Friday, June 18, 2010

Poster Session: Examining acces by country and language


Ana M B Pavani, Ana C E Mazzeto

PUC-Rio is a BDTD member institution and its collection has over 5K ETDs. The university offers graduate programs in Humanities, Social Sciences and Science & Technology. Though the ETD program started in March 2000, access logs to ETDs have been saved only since June 2004.

The authors decided to examine the logs to try to understand the importance of the ETD collection as a reference to speakers of the two languages. This analysis has been yielding interesting results concerning accesses from:

–* Spanish speaking countries – Latin American countries and Spain;

– * Portuguese speaking countries – Portugal and former Portuguese colonies.

This paper addresses a mapping of the accesses by country, language and region, always considering the country population and, when available, its educational level. The numbers are also compared (as percentages) to total international accesses.


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